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Are You Up For the Challenge?

Waterton Parks Inn & Resorts present an adventure in your own backyard with the Triple Crown of Waterton.

We challenge you to complete three world class hiking trail; Crypt Lake, Akamina Ridge and the Alderson-Carthew Summit in one summer.

Sign up at Pearls Café in the Waterton Village and check out our glory board of those who have finished the challenge.

Guided hikes are available. Check out these top-rated hikes at 

Crypt Lake

Distance: 17.2 km / 10.7 mi (return)
Time: 6 - 8 hours (plan a full day)
Elevation Gain: 700 m / 2297'

An awe-inspiring full day hike involving a boat taxi across Waterton Lake, and a gradual climb of over 2300 feet. Experience a 600 foot cascading waterfall, natural tunnel and cliff traverse. As you reach your destination, you'll be rewarded by the turquoise waters of sparkling Crypt Lake, and maybe even catch a glimpse of an elusive white mountain goat, or the rare alpine pygmy poppy!


Distance: 18.0 km / 11.1 mi
(one-way, transportation needed to or from trailhead)
Time: 6 - 8 hours                                   
Elevation Gain: 650 m / 2132'

This trail winds through the montane, sub-alpine, and alpine zones! From Carthew Summit look east over the peaks to the prairies, and south into Glacier National Park, Montana.

Highlights include a misty walk through one of Waterton Park's oldest forests, and the pyramidal grandeur of Mt. Alderson. You can take the hike from Cameron Falls in the Townsite to Cameron Lake, or from Cameron Lake to the Falls.

Akamina Ridge

Distance: 20 km (roundtrip)
Time: 9-10 hours (plan a full day)
Elevation Gain: 1300 m (4,270 ft).

Akamina Ridge  follows the BC-AB boundary cutline, turning left at the boundary marker, up Forum Ridge. The trip starts and ends in Alberta, but the finest portion crosses into British Columbia. The ridge looks relatively flat when viewed from Wall Lake but it is deceptively unflat, with 3 pretty good bumps along its crest. Forum Peak, at the upper right corner of the rock wall at the end of Cameron Lake is the easterly end of the ridge.


2010 Glory Board

James Best
Kallispell, MT
Sean Colgan
John Brennan
Anten Mills, ON
Lynn Brennan
Anten Mills, ON
Jerry First Charger
Raymond, AB
Sinead Costa Correa
Pickering, ON
Diane Corriea
Greenwhich, NY
Megan Crawford
Toronto, ON
Trinity Davies
Lethbridge, AB
Amy Erickson
Raymond, AB
Steph French
Cardston, AB
Blair Goates
Waterton, AB
Laura Gollinger
Lethbridge, AB
Robert Graham
Stirling, Scotland
Ashley Hook
Cochrane, AB
Anna Kmiecik
Lethbridge, AB
Domonick Kmiecik
Lethbridge, AB
Angela Lam
Calgary, AB
Erin Leahy
Libertyville, IL
Scott Leishman
Lethbridge, AB
Mark Lenko
Waterton, AB
Tattiano Lenko
Waterton, AB
Les Lorek
Calgary, AB
Tayt Low
Cardston, AB
Gale Marguerite
Columbia Rapids, MT
Bob McGraw
Kingston, ON
Mike McLean
Victoria, BC
Amanda Neer
Stratford, ON
Willy Nielson
Barrier, BC
Jocelyn Paxman
Calgary, AB
Devin Paxman
Calgary, AB
Taylor Paxman
Calgary, AB
Jesper Petersen
Cochrane, AB
Ken Rodgers
Lethbridge, AB
Tanner Rodgers
Lethbridge, AB
Myrle Rodgers
Lethbridge, AB
Al Schaeffer
Joey Shonka
Marietta, GA
Erin Smith
Cardston, AB
Kevin Smith
Coaldale, AB
Camilla Spackman
Calgary, AB
Marc Thompson
Salt Lake City, Utah
Garry Ursenbach
Waterton, AB
Kelly Ursenbach
Calgary, AB
Sandra Taylor
Calgary, AB
Mark Taylor
Calgary, AB
Conrad Taylor
Calgary, AB
Cordel Taylor
Calgary, AB
Peter Thomsen
Calgary, AB
Maple-Dawn Thomsen
Calgary, AB
Laura Trunkey
Victoria, BC
Jason Varty
Lethbridge, AB
James Varty
Lethbridge, AB
Larry Varty
Stirling, AB
Andy Yu
Calgary, AB

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