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The Star
The guest... the most important character in a movie and the purpose of our work. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and products as well as a memorable experience for all of our stars. We want them to shine in our environment and do everything we can to please them! They are who makes our production receive awards and recognition in the industry and media. 

Supporting Actors
Frontline staff who deal directly with the Stars including Front Desk Agents & Food and Beverage Servers

Responsible for raising funds, hiring key personnel, 
and arranging for distribution. They do it all!
Waymarker Hospitality

Directors are responsible for the casting, editing, shot selection, shot composition, and script editing of a film. They are the creative source behind a movie, and must communicate to actors on the way a particular shot is to be played. The director will delegate some scenes to assistant directors or other crewmembers. 

Assistant Directors
Assist the Directors and Producers in meeting common 
goals and work directly with the supporting actors and stars. 

Communications/Promotion/Talent Scouts
Responsible for promoting and advertising the production to potential stars and audiences. Assist the casting director with auditions and ensure the overall success of the production. 

Casting Director/Costumes/Housing 
The person who auditions and helps to select all of the actors in the production. Possesses a vast knowledge of the actor pool and is able to match a variety of actors with just the right role. Directors and producers rely on the Casting Director to assist them with assembling the perfect cast for their production. Casting Directors are also responsible for serving as the liason between the director, and the actors and their agents. CDs negotiate the deals once the actors have been cast and are also responsible for the contracts of each actor. Also, responsible for handling the costumes/outfits worn by the actors.

Set Designers
Set Designers translate the producer's vision and ideas of the movie into a set, which is then used for filming. Consists of the Maintenance and Housekeeping Departments. 

Provide the main meals for cast and crew on set. It is of the utmost importance for the caterers to keep our stars happy and meet their changing needs, desires, and wants. All kitchen staff including 
the sous chef and line and prep cooks.

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