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Whether you are here for summer fun, a change of scenery, specific career training and enhancement, a mountain experience, or a unique job opportunity the Kilmorey Lodge and Aspen Village Inn proudly provides you with necessary skills to make our stars shine!

Training is worth the investment and makes a difference. The Kilmorey Lodge and Aspen Village Inn team of directors and production managers are advocates of continuous training and development of all actors. We want this to be an experience that you grow from...personally and professionally. 

We take great pride in the training and growth opportunities that the company provides and we encourage our cast to take advantage of this and learn as much as possible during your time with us. It is rewarding for us to know that when you leave our set, you will have gained additional skills and have memories of the 
Kilmorey Lodge, Aspen Village Inn, 
and Waterton Park that are positive and lifelong. 

In the beginning of each summer season, all new cast members 
go through several weeks of industry training, on the job and in the classroom. Sessions include: customer service training, service techniques, wine service, up selling, safe food handling, and 
team building. It is important to us to provide our actors 
with the required skills and confidence to shine in their role 
and impress our stars...our guests. 

All supporting cast and crew members also go through the
 Alberta Service Best program. Servers and bartenders also 
complete the Server Intervention training. 

Year round and permanent cast members are encouraged to attend training sessions and seminars that they feel they would benefit from 
(personally and professionally). 

We work very closely with ATEC (Alberta Training for Excellence Corporation) and many cast members get 
nationally certified in their occupation. 
Current and previous actors have been certified as:

- Front Desk Agent
- Bartender
- Food & Beverage Server
- Director of Sales & Marketing
- Wine Service
- Room Attendant
- Food and Beverage Manager

We also work very closely with many national colleges and universities and offer placement programs, internships, and work terms for credit. 

In addition to the above training we also have extensive culinary training available for individuals that wish to further themselves in the kitchen. 
We have had numerous people achieve Red Seal certification 
and complete their apprenticeship with us. 
Please visit for more information on culinary training.

Please see the press releases below that highlight the reputation that the lodge has for their training and education in the hospitality industry. 

Waterton Workers Meet the Standard

Seventeen employees of Kilmorey Lodge, Aspen Village Inn and Canadian Wilderness Tours were honored Wednesday with national certification from the Alberta Tourism Education Council. 

Certification requires extensive classroom work, on-the-job training and evaluation to meet standards of professionalism in the tourism industry. 

According to John Stafford, ATEC vice-president, the certification program has been completed by 2,500 people in Canada since it began in 1989. "It shows the world that tourism is not just any job," he told those gathered at Kilmorey Lodge for the presentations. "It takes the right skills and the right attitude.

"It provides us all with a sense of pride and recognition. Tourism is now the largest industry in the world and the third largest industry in Canada."

ATEC has begun a 10-yar project to "bump up how service is delivered with the inclusion of colleges and universities across Canada and to get some articulation in Western Canada and Northern Canada," Stafford said, noting that secondary school transfers in the tourism field are now possible because of the national program. 

"The certification program challenges people through skill mastery and evaluation and is the same across the nation and is recognized by employers," he said.

At the moment, 7,000 are currently registered for certification (training)."

Stafford also said increasing number of job openings are being advertised with "ATEC certification preferred."

Of the 17 Kilmorey employees receiving certification, more than half qualified in more than one occupation.

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